Amazing Results!

I originally came in to see Lacey because my knee was inflamed and I couldn't get it under control. I was skeptical at first, but even after the first treatment I had two or three days where it was much better. Second treatment it lasted four days, third treatment it lasted a week.  I decided to buy a package and see how it went. I had also had a severe spinal injury five years prior where I ruptured two cervical discs. I had extreme paralysis and atrophy on my right side (Deltoid, Trap, Lats, etc.). I started noticing improvement in my paralysis after about five treatments. At that point after having exhausted every medical procedure and being told I had reached ‘Maximum Medical Improvement’, I decided to keep coming and see how it went. I have continued coming on a regular basis for the last year-and-a-half and my paralysis and atrophy continue to improve dramatically. In addition to all of this, I continue to receive treatments for general well-being and I feel 10 years younger! I am extremely grateful for Lacey and all that she has done to help heal me. Being active is a very big deal to me, and how I live my life. By receiving Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy by Lacey, I am able to stay active and pain-free!

~Jeff B.

 Calming Atmosphere/Very Comfortable

I was very nervous to try acupuncture and cupping at first, but curious as to how it could help my overall health.  Lacey made me feel comfortable immediately and before I knew it, I was sharing things with her that I have not told other people.  She has helped me in so many ways including managing my stress/anxiety, back/neck pain, energy level, hormonal breakouts, and strengthening my immune system.  Lacey is very knowledgeable with essential oils and herbs to help supplement the acupuncture, as well.  I would (and frequently do) recommend Lacey to anyone looking to improve their health.

~Dani B.

Full-Body Healing

I had surgery on my neck and have regular limitations with good days and bad days. Since seeing Lacey for my pain, I can’t tell you how good I feel! Not to mention, I’ve been able to increase my weights and start doing upper body workouts again. I thought those were something of the past. I am so excited that I can continue. It’s like it helped me heal to the point my muscles are responding again. She also performs cupping, which works so much better for me than massage. It helps my muscles relax and can take them out of spasm. I am a big advocate for acupuncture because it can help so many things. If I have digestive upset, stress or hot flashes, she has something that can help me!! Lacey will be a part of my life forever!! Oh and I forgot to mention my knees…If you have pain…See Lacey now!!

~Dawn D.