Find your flow and achieve inner-balance with this gentle ancient therapy.

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Cupping Therapy

Relieve achy, tired muscles and stimulate circulation with this Traditional Chinese Medicine modality.

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Energy Healing

Calm the mind, body and spirit with a combination of Reiki, Qi Gong and Ayurvedic Breathing Techniques.

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My Mission

My mission is to provide safe, effective and affordable healing modalities for anyone seeking an alternative therapy for their health condition/concern.  I combine a wide array of Traditional Medicine practices and techniques to get to the root cause of your symptoms as an individual.

My goal is to help you become engaged in your treatment and develop a better understanding and connection with your body.  Each treatment I provide is individualized to what your body needs and best responds to.  This holistic mindset is what sets my treatments apart from the standard Western Medicine approach.

I aim to create a safe and sacred space where my patients can feel comfortable to be themselves and honor their body's innate ability to heal itself.

All are welcome here.





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